Entities sanctioned under EU Council Regulation 2023/2878

Supplemental list of people, companies, and organizations sanctioned for involvement in Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Annex IV to Regulation 2023/2878, replacing Annex IV to Regulation (EU) No 833/2014, lists persons, entities and bodies directly supporting Russia’s military and industrial complex in its war of aggression against Ukraine, on which tighter export restrictions regarding dual-use goods and technology, as well as goods and technology which might contribute to the technological enhancement of Russia’s defence and security sector, are imposed.

In addition, in view of the key enabling role of electronic components for use by Russia’s military and industrial complex in supporting the war of aggression against Ukraine, this list also includes certain entities in third countries other than Russia involved in the circumvention of trade restrictions, as well as certain Russian entities involved in the development, production and supply of electronic components for Russia’s military and industrial complex.

The data has been extracted manually from the EU legislative text.

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Design Bureau of Navigation SytemsCompanyRussia
AGT Systems LLCCompanyRussia
State Governmental Scientific Testing Area of Aircraft SystemsCompanyRussia
AO RubinCompanyRussia
AO AviaagregatCompanyRussia