UK Companies House Disqualified Directors

Individuals which have been disqualified from holding the post of a company director in the United Kingdom following a court decision.

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UK company directors can be banned (‘disqualified’) from being a company director if they don’t meet your legal responsibilities.

‘Unfit conduct’ includes:

  • allowing a company to continue trading when it can’t pay its debts
  • not keeping proper company accounting records
  • not sending accounts and returns to Companies House
  • not paying tax owed by the company
  • using company money or assets for personal benefit

This is usually handled by the Insolvency Service, but:

Apart from The Insolvency Service, other bodies can apply to have you disqualified under certain circumstances, eg:

  • Companies House
  • the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA)
  • the courts
  • a company insolvency practitioner

Directors can be disqualified for up to 15 years.

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Tthe Insolvency Service is an executive agency, sponsored by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy. It is responsible for bankruptcies, but also the handling of financial wrong-doing.

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