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The Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania is the unicameral parliament responsible for exercising legislative power in Lithuania Members of the Seimas are elected to serve a four-year term through parallel voting, with a portion elected in single-seat constituencies and another through proportional representation. The election process involves ordinary elections, with both single-seat constituencies and proportional representation determining the composition of the Seimas. Source: Wikipedia This dataset publishes the name, position, date of birth, place of birth and occupancy of Members of Seimas

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Publisher:Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania (Lithuania)

The Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania exercises legislative power in Lithuania. The powers of the Seimas are defined by the Constitution and the laws of Lithuania. The primary function of the Seimas is to consider, adopt and issue laws and amendments to the Constitution Source: Wikipedia

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Beata PietkiewiczPersonLithuania
Angelė JakavonytėPersonLithuania
Vilius SemeškaPersonLithuania
Ewelina DobrowolskaPersonLithuania
Gabrielius LandsbergisPersonLithuania
Ingrida ŠimonytėPersonLithuania
Jonas JarutisPersonLithuania
Jonas PinskusPersonLithuania
Kęstutis NavickasPersonLithuania
Matas MaldeikisPersonLithuania
Matas SkamarakasPersonLithuania
Rasa PetrauskienėPersonLithuania
Rūta MiliūtėPersonLithuania
Saulius SkvernelisPersonLithuania
Vaida Giraitytė-JuškevičienėPersonLithuania