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People of Interest is an interactive database developed and managed by RISE Moldova. It is a work in progress journalistic project.

On this platform, we outline the profiles of public figures and their connections. We index data about their companies, cases, properties, narrow interests, and intermediaries. We verify the information we publish here from several open and closed sources. We have met the persons from the People of Interest Platform several times in our journalistic documentations. Whether they vote laws, juggle with public money, or they are intermediaries or wealthy businessmen, their decisions affect us all.

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RISE is a non-profit investigative journalism newsroom based in the Republic of Moldova

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Recent additions

The following targeted entities have been added to this data source most recently:

Alexandr StoianogloLegal entity
Uniunea de Afaceri Moldo-RusăLegal entityMoldova
Nichita ŢurcanPersonMoldova
Mihail SilistraruPersonMoldova
Tudor BalitchiPersonMoldova
Victor GusanPersonTransnistria (PMR) · Ukraine · Moldova · Russia
Renato UsatiiPersonMoldova
Vladimir CîssaPersonMoldova
Nicolae RoșcaPersonMoldova
Evghenia GuțulPersonMoldova · Soviet Union
Veaceslav NegrutaPersonMoldova
Vitalie PîrlogPersonMoldova
Grigorii UzunPersonMoldova
Nikolai GrigorishinPersonUkraine · Soviet Union · Moldova · Russia
Dorin DragutanuPersonMoldova