North Macedonia elected and appointed officials

Data on Politically Exposed Persons from asset declarations of elected and appointed officials in North Macedonia

North Macedonia has an asset declaration system established by the Law on Prevention of Corruption (LPC, 2002) for elected and appointed officials, responsible persons in public entities dealing with State funds, and officials in State bodies and municipal administrations, including judges and prosecutors.

The obligated personnel are required to submit asset declarations to designated offices upon taking and leaving office and whenever a change in assets occurs that exceeds twenty average salaries.

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Publisher:State Commission for Prevention of Corruption (North Macedonia)

The State Commission for Prevention of Corruption (SCPC) is an autonomous and independent national body assigned a variety of preventive and repressive functions against corruption.

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Дуфе КукоскиPersonNorth Macedonia
Јасминка ДамческаPersonNorth Macedonia
Соња ТалевскаPersonNorth Macedonia
Стојко ПауновскиPersonNorth Macedonia
Љубиша НиколиќPersonNorth Macedonia
Јулијана СилјановскаPersonNorth Macedonia
Марјан ДаскаловскиPersonNorth Macedonia
Славе ГошевPersonNorth Macedonia
Ален ГеоргијевPersonNorth Macedonia
Лилјана ПоповскаPersonNorth Macedonia
Сашо АќимоскиPersonNorth Macedonia
Авдија ПепиќPersonNorth Macedonia
Александар НиколоскиPersonNorth Macedonia
Нора АлитиPersonNorth Macedonia
Марјанчо НиколовPersonNorth Macedonia