New Zealand Russia Sanctions

The New Zealand government's list of people and companies sanctioned in relation to the Russian attack on Ukraine.

The sanctions register is published to help New Zealanders comply with Russia sanctions and is regularly updated as the sanctions regime matures and responds to the invasion of Ukraine. You can search and filter the list, which includes names and details of sanctioned individuals and entities, types of sanction, and trade measures.

Please refer to the Russia Sanctions Regulations 2022, and any amendments, for the details and list of sanctions.

Data overview

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Legal entities389
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Publisher:Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (New Zealand)

The list is composed by the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Trade in New Zealand

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Source data:www.mfat.govt.nz · XLSX
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Recent additions

The following targeted entities have been added to this data source most recently:

Ashuluk Firing RangeOrganizationRussia
Ekaterina ZhdanovaPersonRussia
LLC CST (Zala Aero Group)CompanyRussia
CJSC BelbizneslizingLegal entity
Joint Stock Company Concern SozvedieLegal entity
OOO "Readovka.RU"Legal entityRussia
Irkut CorporationCompanyRussia
Leonid Mikhailovich ROMANOVPersonRussia · Soviet Union
Irina Anatolyevna AGEEVAPersonRussia
Rinat Nailevich SADYKOVPersonRussia
AKIFYEV, Pavel ViktorovichPersonRussia
Darya Vasilievna MOROZOVAPersonSoviet Union · Russia · Ukraine · Donetsk (Occupied Ukraine)
GARSHIN Vadim VeniaminovichPersonRussia
RAZORENOV Aleksandr GennadievichPersonRussia