US CorpWatch EX-21 Filings

Subsidiary relationship information from Exhibit 21 of companies' 10-K filings with the SEC (global subsidiaries of all publicly-listed companies in the US).

No directors, only companies and their (international) subsidiaries / parents.

Parent companies (as parsed from the Exhibit 21 of the 10-K where possible) are mapped via the parent property, no extra Ownership interval is created, unless there is detailed share information (percentage and/or date).

From Corpwatch source data README:

NOTE: Some groups of companies may form circular loops due to peculiarities of their filings (Same companies listed as parents and children), or because multiple CIKs refer to the same filing.

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The data provided here is funded and developed by CorpWatch.org, a non-profit which works to promote environmental, social and human rights at the local, national and global levels by holding multinational corporations accountable for their actions. We employ investigative research and journalism to provide critical information on corporate malfeasance and profiteering around the world to foster a more informed public and an effective democracy.

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