Russian Oligarch Database

A list of oiligarchs from CIS countries, most notably the Russian Federation.

This list was developed by the OpenSanctions team in cooperation with CORRECT!V and Lighthouse Reports. It is intended as a starting point for research into oligarch holdings, and a benchmark against which sanctions in response to the invasion of Ukraine can be evaluated.

While some of the entries are imported simply on the base of internet research, the bulk of the list is sourced from existing lists of key Russian businesspeople and political power brokers. It includes persons based on the following sources:

  • US Section 241 CAATSA Report from 2018
  • The Navalny 35
  • Forbes List of Russian Billionaires 2021
  • Forbes List of Ukrainian Billionaires

Data overview

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This list is sourced from multiple origins and constitutes original research by OpenSanctions and media partners.

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Recent additions

The following targeted entities have been added to this data source most recently:

Valentin KipjatkovPersonCyprus
Yuri SheflerPersonSoviet Union · Israel · United Kingdom · Russia
Oleksandr YaroslavskyPersonUkraine
Victor PinchukPersonUkraine · Soviet Union
Vladimir GusinskiPersonSoviet Union · Israel · Spain · Russia
Yuri MilnerPersonSoviet Union · Israel · Russia
Alexander KnasterPersonUnited Kingdom
Alexandre SmolenskiPersonSoviet Union · Russia
Pavel DurovPersonSoviet Union · France · St. Kitts & Nevis · United Arab Emirates · Russia
Mikhail KhodorkovskiPersonSoviet Union · Russia
Danil KhachaturovPersonSoviet Union · Russia
Mikail Osmanovich ShishkhanovPersonRussia
Aleksei AnanjevPersonRussia
Juri KosjukPersonUkraine
MAKHLAI Sergei VladimirovichPersonSoviet Union · United States · Russia